about 20 hrs later

about 20 hrs later
Feb.17th,2011- Caden Lewilling

16 months later !!

16 months later !!
Bree Michelle Feb.16,2011

2nd Granddaughter

2nd Granddaughter
Florida beaches

8 months later another Granddaughter !!

8 months later another Granddaughter !!
Kenna Nicole

Being happy Grand[arents

Being happy Grand[arents
bedtime- Thanksgiving 2011

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

our little cinderella( jenna Grace)

Tonight my heart is aching and also my arms, wish I could see you,hold you and kiss on you,sometimes it doesn't even seem like your real.With your health problems at birth grandpa and I never got to hold you as much as if you'd gone home and we'd had alot of time with you. You are so beautiful and I'm so thankful that mom and dad started your blog site or I'd be wondering about you all the time. Little Jenna you have been blessed, GOD has chose the best mommy and daddy you could ever pray for.Some day you will be dancing with your daddy and so I dedicated the song Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman because its so true on how quickly you the little girl will turn into a young lady and dance your way into some young mans life. I love you so much little one. Take care of your mom and dad for me .Promise me that each day you will continue to grow stronger and healthier, so many prayers are being lifted up for you. Grandma Debbie


simplebeauty said...

Dear Aunt Debbie,

When my office slows down in the lobby today, I'm going to sneak back here to my desk, turn on my speaker and listen to the music you have listed on your blog! I am so uplifted by the Christina Music that others post on their blogs. And I sure do need it today!! God bless you and your entire family, including your sweet little Jenna Grace Grandbaby!!!

Artist at the Old Stone House said...

Grandma Debbie .......

I know that you are proud of little Jenna (and of course Harold too). What a blessing it is to be a grand-parent. A friend that I worked with in Tulsa told me that it would birth a whole new kind of love in your heart when you have your first grandchild. I guess now you know what he is referring to.

Jenna is such a cute little girl. What a precious sight to see. Makes me proud as well. Heath and Stephanie are sure to be wonderful parents.

May God's blessings be on all of you, but especially Jenna. Will continue to pray for her health and strength.

Love you all.


Deanna said...

Dear Sis,
Blessings to you all.
With much love,